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  • Depiwhite S Cream SPF 50 50ml

Depiwhite S Cream SPF 50 50ml

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DEPIWHITE S SPF 50+ Cream has a combination of organic and mineral filter which offers maximum protection over the entire UVA/UVB spectrum.It also possesses a complementary de-pigmenting action due to a combination of plant active substances that limit melanin overproduction and limits the reappearance of brown spots.
Its has a light and fluid texture, is fragrance free, is invisible once applied and is water-resistant thus offering optimum protection. 
How to use
Apply generously on skin 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Re-apply regularly, particularly after perspiring, swimming or having wiped your skin. Do not stay in the sun for too long, even when using a sun protection product, as it does not provide total protection. Over-exposure to sunlight is harmful to health.