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  • Betadine Mouthwash Gargle 1% 250ml

Betadine Mouthwash Gargle 1% 250ml

Betadine Mouthwash Gargle is antiseptic used for the Infections of the mouth and throat, such as gingivitis and mouth ulcers,Oral hygiene before, during and after dental and oral surgery. This medicine should be used to gargle or rinse the mouth for up to 30 seconds. It should not be swallowed.
How to use
Gargle and spit 10ml three times daily or as directed. Do not swallow.
Do not use for: Individuals allergic to iodine, Children under six years of age, Thyroid disorders such as nodular colloidal goitre, endemic goitre or Hashimoto's thyroiditis (do not use regularly in these conditions).
This medicine should not be used regularly when pregnant or breastfeeding. The use of this medicine should be limited to a single treatment session only. Seek medical advice from your doctor.