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  • Ebastel Solution 120ml
  • Ebastel Solution 120ml
  • Ebastel Solution 120ml

Ebastel Solution 120ml

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Ebastel solution contains ebastine 5 mg/5ml is a non-sedating antihistamine with a long duration of action. Ebastine does not have significant sedative action. It used for the symptomatic relief of allergic conditions including rhinitis and in pruritic skin disorders.
How to use
Ebastel can be taken either with food or even without food. Usual recommended dose for adult is 10-20 mg Once Daily. Usual recommended dose for child age more than 6 years is 5 mg once daily.
Hypersensitive (allergic) to ebastine, or to any of the ingredient present in the formulation. Have severe hepatic impairment. Low blood potassium concentrations. Avoid in pregnancy and breast feeding without medical advice. It is contraindicated in case of cardiac arrhythmia. Avoid or consult your doctor if you have renal insufficiency.