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  • Selsun Anti-Dundruff Shampoo 100ml

Selsun Anti-Dundruff Shampoo 100ml

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Selsun Anti Dandruff Shampoo effectively eliminates dandruff, itchiness and scaling of the scalp. Selenium Sulfide is the active ingredient that not only eliminate fungus but helps to normalize the regeneration process of scalp cells. Has a pleasant fruity fragrance.
How to use
Adults, (including elderly) and children over 5 years old. Shake bottle well before use. Wet the hair and then massage enough into your scalp to form a lather. Leave for two to three minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Selsun should be used twice a week for the first two weeks and then once a week for the next two weeks. After this first course of treatment, it should not be used more often than is needed to control your scalp condition. Selsun Shampoo is not recommended for use in children under 5 years of age.
If you accidentally swallow Selsun Shampoo, seek medical advice immediately. Swallowing Selsun Shampoo can cause you to feel sick or be sick.
Like all medicines, Selsun Shampoo can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.
Side effects may include: Skin rash or hives, Irritation or sensitization of the skin or scalp, sometimes described as a burning sensation, Increase in the amount of normal hair loss, Discolouration of hair, which may be avoided by thoroughly washing the hair after treatment, Oiliness or dryness of hair and scalp and rarely, blistering can occur, especially if the shampoo is kept in contact with the hair or skin for longer than the recommended duration