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    Kenya’s Most Trusted Online Pharmacy, for Affordable and Genuine Medicine.

    MYDAWA, is founded on the premise of Live Well, Stay Well and Get Well is here to ensure that every Kenyan can get quality, secure and affordable medicine and wellness products online.

    Dedicated Customer Care Team

    We have a team of pharm techs and pharmacists on call to help you understand your prescription. They are highly trained with versed experience in the pharmaceutical industry and will ensure that you start on the right foot to getting back to health. We also have a customer care team that is dedicated to ensuring you get your medicine order on time and that you receive the best service we can offer. It’s not just about online medicine with us, it is about having a caring and comforting partner on your journey to wellness and health.

    Quality Medication.

    The long tiring trips of moving from chemist to chemist in search of prescription medicine is over. At MYDAWA, we offer a wide range of quality prescription medicine, over the counter medicine and supplements that are ideal for you and your family at affordable prices. Refill on your prescription online by uploading your prescription on to mydawa.com. You can now buy your medicine online through the MYDAWA app on the Google playstore or by logging on to MYDAWA and have it delivered to you in 4 hours.

    MYDAWA is Kenya’s First Registered Online Pharmacy

    With MYDAWA, you are assured of convenience, quality, affordability and great service while purchasing your medicine online. Convenience, in that we guarantee that you won’t have to look elsewhere when filling in your prescription, because we are the one-stop only chemist. Be assured of the quality of our products and that they are genuine. We offer a platform to authenticate all prescription and non-prescription medicine bought.

    Health, Wellness and Beauty Products

    Health, wellness and beauty live on MYDAWA! Access your favourite Dr. Organics, Shea Moisture, Neutrogena, Pella Dead Sea Minerals, and more with just the click of a button. Not forgetting your favourite baby products, Aveeno, Pampers, Scott's emulsion, Dettol soap, Dettol hand wash and other wellness products to keep your family healthy.

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