Who are Gen N?

Gen-N: Standing together towards a HIV-free generation!

We are part of a generation that has the confidence to enjoy life’s sweetest moments while keeping our relationships strong and HIV-free. 


What is Gen-N?

Gen-N is a movement of people who are the generation that will end HIV! Be part of Gen-N by engaging with HIV prevention services such as taking PrEP and/or PEP. By standing with Gen-N, you will be part of a movement that will help you achieve your dreams and aspirations and be the best you can be to face the future boldly and confidently. With Gen-N the power is in your hands. 


Why should I join Gen-N?

Because you want to keep your relationships safe and free from HIV by getting inclusive and honest communication about your sexual health. You will receive education and confidential access to new HIV prevention products such as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), that are affordable, acceptable, safe and effective for HIV prevention. This means having, for the very first time, a choice of easily accessible HIV prevention options, making you feel empowered and supported to make informed choices that fit your fun and exciting lifestyle. Keep your relationships safe and pleasurable by joining Gen-N. 

How will Gen-N help my community?

Gen-N will help you live your life free from HIV and empower you to fight HIV by learning about HIV and educating others in your communities about testing, stigma, treatment and prevention. You and your friends now have access to multiple effective products that meet your changing needs and desires. You can now get a free consultation from MYDAWA to identify your most suitable HIV prevention tools and access HIV prevention products including HIV self-test kits to know your HIV status. Serve your peers and stay connected by joining Gen-N! 

How can I become part of Gen-N?

Book a free consultation to speak to one of MYDAWA’s clinicians today.  

Together we can end HIV. We are a HIV negative generation. Be part of Gen-N today!