Blood Pressure Monitors

    Blood Pressure Monitors


    Blood pressure is a common problem affecting seniors and people suffering from lifestyle diseases. Blood pressure can either be said to be low or high. It is therefore important to continuously check blood pressure levels.

    Types of B.P machines

    Blood Pressure machines and devices come in two forms: the mercury-gravity manometer, the aneroid gauge and electronic devices. Mercury-gravity manometer is the most accurate of them as it does not require recalibration. However, care and maintenance of mercury-gauge manometers should be handled with extra care as mercury is poisonous. Aneroid blood pressure gauges are generally smaller than mercury ones but they are easily damaged and need to be recalibrated from time to time. At MYDAWA, we stock the various affordable blood pressure testing machines that you need for you and your family’s care. Cuff and bladder can affect the results in a blood pressure measuring device if it is dependent on cuff occlusion of the arm. Inaccuracy produced by miscuffing where a cuff contains a bladder that is either too long or too short relative to arm circumference could create the wrong reading. We stock blood pressure devices like Omron - 10 SERIES Advanced Accuracy Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Care Touch Fully Automatic Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor and QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor among others.

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    At MYDAWA, we have clinically tested blood pressure machines and accessories. We discretely deliver your blood pressure machines to homes, offices and chemists near you. Order blood pressure machines online on MYDAWA today.

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