Thermometers available in Kenya

    Thermometers are medical devices used to determine body temperature in children, babies, adult men and women. Thermometers are used in medical care to determine if a patient is having a fever. More often than not, fevers are a symptom of underlying infection. At MYDAWA, we have a dedicated section that stocks and supplies thermometers for your family’s needs. Types of thermometers include armpit thermometers, forehead thermometers, ear thermometers and rectal thermometers often used in pediatric and elderly care. There are also oral thermometers which are usually placed under the tongue.

    Thermometers for pediatric care

    Every mother or child care professional needs to have a thermometer handy when taking care of children. Children contract fevers and high temperatures all the time. It is important to take their temperature when you suspect a fever so that you can manage it at the onset of it. Thermometers for adults When the body is fighting infections, we often suffer fevers and high temperatures even as adults. Our range of thermometers allow us to determine whether we are unwell and take appropriate measures to seek help or medicate. We have a range of thermometers for babies, toddlers, adults and aging patients at reasonable prices. You can order your thermometer online on MYDAWA and we will deliver it to you at home, your office or a chemist near you.

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