MYDAWA is the first fully licensed and regulated e-pharmacy in Kenya. An innovative online platform that makes it easy to access affordable, authentic high-quality essential medicines, health and wellness products.  MYDAWA has revolutionised the way we use e-health services. It is a first of its kind and is a truly Kenyan solution to a global need.


MYDAWA is registered by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya and operates across Kenya from our facilities in Nairobi.  Our business is built around the following 4 pillars to ensure that we achieve our Mission of “Ensuring Better Patient Outcomes”.  Those pillars are:

  • Quality: In the products we sell and the professional services we offer. 
  • Affordability: Both in our own MYDAWA branded products but also in all the products available on our platform where we aim to be 20% below the normal retail price.  We do not charge transaction fees for payments and we deliver free within Nairobi.  
  • Convenience: All services can be accessed from your mobile phone and we shall deliver your products directly to you in less than 4 hours.
  • Privacy: We have a fully confidential service and your products are delivered in a sealed, secure package to maintain that confidentiality.

By connecting prescribers, insurers and patients to great products when they need them, we are able to give value across the entire chain. Merging technology and healthcare enables efficiencies to be obtained whilst enhancing quality standards in service delivery through the transparency of a digital system.

MYDAWA ensures quality is maintained by ensuring the medicine reaching a patient is safe, effective and of standard quality. At MYDAWA we have a system in place that quality is assured starting from product selection, selection of appropriate suppliers, product certification, contract specifications with vendors and the storage, dispensing, transport and use of medicines.

As a patient-focused organisation, we are focused on bringing value to all customers through the delivery of prescriptions only medication, over the counter medications or personal care goods. Therefore, MYDAWA uses technology to change the way pharmacy practice is operating and this promises to bring patient benefits and provide a level of transparency.

Supply Chain

At MYDAWA we simplify and secure our supply chain to ensure that every product dispensed is genuine and affordable to ensure improved quality and cost of care.

To achieve this MYDAWA has focused on securing the supply chain by sourcing products directly from 3rd party Brand manufacturers, sole authorized importers/distributors and from WHO GMP contract manufacturers under the MYDAWA brand products.  We guarantee the quality of each product as this can be authenticated right from the source. On receipt of the product, or on the production line for MYDAWA branded products, we secure the product by the application of a unique tamper-proof authentication sticker. This process is a guarantee to the client that the product has been sourced by MYDAWA and the product is for the use of the buying client.

The authentication sticker has a scratch-off panel with a unique number that can be SMS’d to a short code for authentication.  There is also a QR code that can be used for authentication through the MYDAWA App and which we also use for stock management.  This ensures that we activate the authentication code on dispensing allowing us to match the Customer name, Order number and Product details to give a very personalised authentication response.  This unique authentication provides confidence to the patient that the products are genuine and safe.

The Team

MYDAWA has a very strong pharmacy team which includes our Superintendent Pharmacist who is also our Hd of Operations and our Regulatory Pharmacist who is also responsible for all aspects of quality within MYDAWA.  They are ably supported by a large team of pharmaceutical technologists who work in our call centre, our warehouse and our patient delivery team.  This ensures that we have professionals at every patient touchpoint.

Both the team and the premises are licenced by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya, with each individual a member of their own professional associations (PSK or KPA). 

This great team is available to deal with your prescriptions or answer your questions from 8 am through to 10 pm 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Professional Service

A customer can access MYDAWA through our website via our mobile app, available to download, directly into our call centre.  For non-prescription items, a customer can simply search or browse a wide range of over the counter (OTC) medication, health and wellness products plus personal care products. They can add these to their cart and check out with delivery within 4 hours.

For Prescription-only Medication, a valid prescription should either be uploaded through the website or app by selecting a photo or PDF in their device, emailed to our pharmacy team or simply sent on WhatsApp.  Either way, it will land into the queue of our pharmacy team where each prescription is individually reviewed and transcribed by a professional and the prescribed products are placed into the patient’s cart.  There is no way for an individual patient to add prescription-only products to their own cart.   

Any queries will be taken up directly with the patient or the prescriber to ensure utmost patient safety.  Once the products are in the patient’s cart, the patient will be prompted to check out and pay.

The dispensing process and the delivery of prescription medications is done by qualified pharmaceutical riders. The patient receives the medications and is counselled on the use of the product by offering the proper route of administration of the product, how to monitor expected side effects, give any warnings on contraindications and ensure counsel is given on medication adherence.

MYDAWA has a pharmacovigilance system in place on how to report any adverse drug reactions or other queries. The clients can access the customer experience team that operates between 8 am to 10 pm where any customer concerns regarding a product are logged and acted upon by the relevant departments. A feedback mechanism is set up to ensure information is shared between MYDAWA and the patient. These records are then submitted to the Pharmacy and Poisons Board as per the guideline for report poor quality medicines and adverse drug reactions

MYDAWA has other systems in place adherence to Good Pharmacy Practice and these include:

  • Precautions have been taken to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the storage areas. 
  • The area can be demarcated according to the various categories 
  • The facility should be designed to ensure good storage conditions of the products within the acceptable temperature and humidity limits. 
  • Cold chain facilities are provided to hold medications that require temperatures of 2°C to 8°C, including in the last mile delivery.
  • The Narcotic and Controlled products, Schedule II are stored in compliance with the international conventions, and national laws and regulations on narcotics. The products are stored in a segregated area, in a lockable cabinet with authorized access to it.


At MYDAWA, quality is at the heart of everything that we do.  We are underpinned by a transparent and efficient technology platform providing a very simple and easy platform for our customers to access safe and affordable medication, health, wellness and personal care products.

We have a strong patient-focused team and as a fully licenced e-pharmacy, we strive to bring the best possible care to all our patients and customers.  In our efforts to constantly improve standards we have become the first e-pharmacy on the Africa Continent to be awarded a LegitScript certification. This certification ensures that our internet platform operates in compliance with applicable healthcare laws and regulations thus ensuring the quality of our service.

MYDAWA will continue to innovate to ensure quality products and services are accessible to Kenyans and to ensure the best possible health outcomes for all who use our services.