Pain Relief/management

Pain Relief

What are pain and fever drugs?

Pain and fever drugs for adults, children, pregnant women and elderly persons work to reduce fever and ease pain. In adults, pain and fever medication works to ease joint and muscular aches and pains, headaches and migraines and stomach cramps and period pain. MYDAWA stocks a variety of pain killers and fever medication for adults fighting headaches, sinus infections, allergies, muscle aches, tooth aches, period pain and fever caused by colds and flus and other viral and bacterial ailments. Pain relief for children is also our priority. Our range takes care of pain and fever in kids of all ages. We are fully stocked on syrups, drops and tablets that work to alleviate pain in babies, toddlers and older children alike. Our pain and fever relief variety are extensive and cater for both over the counter painkiller and fever relief medication as well as your prescription pain and fever management drugs.


Pain and fever medication side effects

Though most of these medications are safe, it is important to use them correctly. Improper use of pain medication/fever medication such as over-dose where more pain pills are taken than recommended or taken over a longer period of time than is prescribed or advised on the label can be harmful to your health. It is also common for patients who use pain and fever medication regularly to develop dependence or addiction to pain medication. If pain and fever symptoms persist, it is advisable to seek medical attention.


Fever and pain relief for babies and toddlers

Babies, toddlers and children are prone to pain and fever caused by colds, ear infection, respiratory infections, croup, Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), flu, pneumonia, roseola and viral throat infections. Ibuprofen and paracetamol syrups and tablets are the most common pain relief and fever reducers used for children and babies. Pain and fever medication for kids like Calpol and Panadol are often used to stave off the side effects of immunization especially in babies under 1 year. Pain and fever medication in children are best used at the onset of pain for them to be effective against pain and fever.


Dosage of fever reducers and pain relief in children

When giving pain and fever medication to babies and children, use the weight of the child to determine the dose of medication for the child. If you do not know the child’s weight, you can get an accurate approximation of dosage when you use their age.


Side Effects of pain and fever drugs in children

Side effects include allergic reactions, rashes, nausea, diarrhea and stomach pains. Children could also develop painkiller headaches if they constantly use pain relievers and fever reducers since they could develop resistance. Pain relievers and fever medication for toddlers are available for order online on for delivery in Kenya.


Pain can be caused by a range of issues in the body and fever can be a symptom of infection. It is not uncommon for pain and fever to arise due to stress related problems and sleep deprivation. However, pain and fever can occur in adults, children, elderly people, pregnant women and babies for a variety of reasons.