Mzima Packages by MYDAWA is a comprehensive chronic wellness program designed to cater specifically to individuals diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. This program goes beyond the conventional medical approach to chronic conditions and focuses on empowering stable chronic patients with knowledge and motivation, enabling them to play an active role in their health journey. By equipping patients with the necessary tools and information, Mzima Packages aims to improve overall well-being, enhance self-management, and reduce the burden of chronic diseases in affected individuals through substantial cost savings and other wealth of benefits.


MYDAWA understands that managing these conditions effectively requires consistent effort, adherence to treatment plans, lifestyle modifications, and regular monitoring. The burden of managing chronic conditions can be overwhelming, leading to a decline in patient engagement and overall health outcomes.


Benefits of Mzima Packages: The Mzima Packages program offers several key benefits to stable chronic patients:

1. Empowerment and Knowledge: By providing comprehensive education and knowledge, patients become better equipped to understand and manage their conditions confidently.

2. Lower long terms and short-term treatment costs: By providing discounts on medical devices and supplements, individuals with chronic conditions can save money on essential healthcare items that may not be fully covered by insurance. This can lead to lower out-of-pocket expenses, making it more affordable for patients to manage their conditions effectively.

3. Personalized Approach: Tailoring care plans to individual needs ensures that patients receive targeted support, increasing the likelihood of positive health outcomes.

4. Remote Monitoring and Timely Interventions: Continuous remote monitoring allows for early detection of any fluctuations or complications, enabling timely interventions and preventing potential emergencies.

5. Improved Quality of Life: Empowering patients to take an active role in their health journey leads to improved overall well-being, greater independence, and a better quality of life.