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  • Cinnabar Essential Oil Bergamot

Cinnabar Essential Oil Bergamot

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Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) essential oil has been an ingredient in Italian folk medicine for centuries; mainly for the treatment of fever and worms. It is obtained through cold expression of the peel of the bergamot fruit.

Benefits: In skin care, it assists in the treatment of acne, boils, cold sores, eczema, scabies, varicose veins insect bites and reduction of cellulite. It is also an antidepressant, helping relieve anxiety.
Bergamot essential oil becomes sensitizing when exposed to light. To avoid this sensitization, use on the skin at a maximum of 0.4% (0.4mL in 100mL of carrier oil). Do not apply directly on the skin if you will go out during the day. Use within 24 months.