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  • Acnes Treatment Set
  • Acnes Treatment Set

Acnes Treatment Set

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Acnes treatment set contains: A toner, a creamy wash and a sealing gel.
1. The acnes toner soothes the skin while maintaining its natural moisture balance. This Acnes treatment product tones the skin and removes the last traces of dirt, excess oil, make-up and impurities.
2.The Acnes sealing gel tightens skin pores, controls excessive sebum and effectively prevents breakouts.
3. The creamy wash helps keep the skin clean, clear and soft enabling the skin absorb acne treating products and give you the best results.
These 3 Acnes treatment products work together to give you exemplary results.
How to use
Step 1:CLEANSE- Squeeze a adequate amount of the Acnes Creamy Wash on wet palms and foam it well with water. Apply the foam evenly & gently on face then rinse the foam out thoroughly with water.
Step 2: TONE- Apply Acnes Soothing Toner on the face using a cotton pad, rub gently on clean skin and leave it to dry.
Step 3 TREAT- Squeeze an adequate amount of Acnes Sealing Gel on the finger tip and apply gently on the pimples.
For external use only, do not swallow. Avoid contact with the eyes.