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  • Ascard 75mg Tablets 30's

Ascard 75mg Tablets 30's

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Ascard 75 is enteric coated Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin) available in tablet form in 75 mg. Aspirin belongs to a group of drugs called antiplatelet agents that help prevent your blood cells from sticking together to form a blood clot. Aspirin 75 mg Tablets are principally used to prevent blood clots from forming following a heart attack or stroke to prevent heart attacks in patients who have previously suffered from these condtions.
How to use
The recommended dose is one tablet once daily or as directed by your doctor.
Discontinue Ascard 75 mg Tablet right away and notify your doctor if you have ringing in your ears, abnormal bleeding, or nausea or vomiting that doesn't go away. Do not use Ascard 75 mg Tablet for children <18 years of age as it may cause neurological side effects. People with nasal polyp and asthma can have a severe allergy to Ascard 75 mg. Common side effects include: Gastrointestinal irritation, Nausea, Vomiting, Dyspepsia, Gastritis, Bleeding disorder, Low blood platelets, Gastric erosion, Gastric ulcer.