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  • Candid V3 Vaginal Pessaries 3's

Candid V3 Vaginal Pessaries 3's

Candid V3 pessaries contains clotrimazole 200mg which is an antifungal used to control fungal infection such as vaginal candidiasis and yeast infections.
Clotrimazole 200mg
How to use
This medication comes with 3 tablets and an applicator.
Wrap a tablet, wet it with lukewarm water, and place it on the applicator as shown in the instructions that come with the product.
Lie on your back with your knees drawn upward and spread apart.
Insert the applicator high into your vagina (unless you are pregnant), and then push the plunger to release the medication. If you are pregnant, insert the applicator gently. If you feel resistance (hard to insert), do not try to insert it further; call your doctor.
Withdraw the applicator.
For reusable applicators clean it with soap and warm water after each use.
Wash your hands promptly to avoid spreading the infection.
The tablet should be inserted as deep as possible in the vagina, preferably at bedtime to prevent it from leaking out should you stand up.
Do not use the medication when menstruating. Also, avoid having sex while using the medication. For better response, this medication should be taken with local antifungal cream that is applied on the outer vagina (e.g. candid cream). In addition, applying local antifungal medication such as candid cream on the penis of the sexual partner will prevent reinfection and ensure long-lasting response.