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  • Cerumol Ear Drop 11ml

Cerumol Ear Drop 11ml

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Cerumol Ear Drops contains Arachis oil refined (peanut oil) 57.3% w/v and chlorobutanol hemihydrate 5% w/v.Arachis oil refined helps lubricate ear wax and chlorobutanol hemihydrate, an antibacterial agent, which also helps to loosen the wax.
How to use
For use in the ear.
Adults, the elderly and children:
• Prepare a small pad of cotton wool, the size of your thumb nail.
• Lie or sit down and tilt your head to the side.
• Use the dropper to put 5 drops into the ear canal.
• Do not push the dropper into your ear.
• As the liquid enters your ear you may experience a harmless tingling sensation.
• Moisten the small pad of cotton wool with Cerumol or smear with petroleum jelly.
• Place the cotton wool pad in the ear but do not push it too far into the ear canal. This helps to keep the liquid in the ear canal.
• Remove the pad after one hour or the next morning.
• Repeat twice a day for three days.
• The loosened wax usually comes out on its own, but if any wax remains, consult your doctor for possible syringing.
• Do not use for longer than 3 days without consulting your doctor
Cerumol Ear Drops should not be used in case of:
• An allergy to any of the ingredients and other oils eg peanut oil or soya.
• A sore or inflamed ear canal.
• Dermatitis or eczema on the outer ear.
• A perforated ear drum.
Always consult your doctor before use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.