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  • Cleo Nature African Black Soap 100g

Cleo Nature African Black Soap 100g

Cleo Nature African black soap is extremely beneficial to the skin as it contains phytochemicals and oils derived from plants. These components are rich in flavonoids, alkaloids and other bio active compounds that fight bacterial infections.
It’s rich in vitamin E and other emollients, exfoliates your skin gently, getting rid of all the dirt and dead skin cells, and prevents signs of aging.
African black soap is a boon for oily skinned people and those prone to acne in that it balances the natural oil of your skin and preventing excess sebum clog your skin pores. 
It is very effective in controlling the proliferation of propionibacterium acne’s, the bacteria which causes Acne.
After waxing or shaving, your skin needs proper exfoliation to prevent the dead skin cells from clogging the pores and causing razor bumps. Using this soap can help to prevent the bumps and infections that result from shaving and waxing your skin.