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  • Deep Freeze Cold Gel 35g

Deep Freeze Cold Gel 35g

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Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel works rapidly, and like ice, provides effective, soothing, penetrating cooling pain relief to the affected or swollen area. Cooling therapy can decrease blood flow to the affected area and may help minimise damage.
How to use
Apply and massage evenly on the affected area.
Deep Freeze Cold Gel should not be used in CHILDREN younger than 12 years old without first checking with the child's doctor; safety and effectiveness in these children have not been confirmed.
PREGNANCY and BREAST-FEEDING: If you become pregnant, contact your doctor. You will need to discuss the benefits and risks of using Deep Freeze Cold Gel while you are pregnant. It is not known if Deep Freeze Cold Gel is found in breast milk. If you are or will be breast-feeding while you use Deep Freeze Cold Gel, check with your doctor. Discuss any possible risks to your baby.