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Enterogermina Probiotic 10's

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Enterogermina is a probiotic containing 2 Billion spores of Bacillus Clausii.
It helps in restoring and maintaining normal flora in the gut during treatment with antibiotics or chemotherapy for both children and adults.
Address the root cause of digestive troubles such as diarrhoea and promotes faster return of bacterial balance in the gut.
Provides relief to chronic gastrointestinal disorders.
Treats the imbalance of production and absorption of vitamins.
Its packed in a ready to drink liquid vial, its tasteless, lactose free,  gluten free and sugar free
Can be taken by both Children and adults.
Bacillus Clausii Probiotic
How to use
Direction for use:Adults: 2 - 3 bottles a day
Children: 1 - 2 bottles a day
Shake before use. To open the bottle, unscrew and remove the top of the cap.
Take the contents as it is or dilute it with water or other drink (e.g. milk, tea, orangeade).
Once open, the drug should be taken within a short time to avoid contaminating the suspension.
Do not use if you are allergic to Enterogermina or any kind of its content.