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  • Gaviscon Liquid Double Action 150ml

Gaviscon Liquid Double Action 150ml

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Treatment of symptoms resulting from the reflux of acid, bile and pepsin into the oesophagus such as acid regurgitation, heartburn and indigestion, for example following meals or during pregnancy, and for symptoms of excess stomach acid (hyperacidity). Can also be used to treat the symptoms of gastro-oesophageal reflux during concomitant treatment with or following withdrawal of acid suppressing therapy.
How to use
For oral administration.
Adults including older people and children 12 years and over
10-20ml (one to two sachets) after meals and before bedtime, up to four times a day.
Children under 12 years old: Should only be taken on medical advice.
Hypersensitivity to sodium alginate, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, the esters of hydroxybenzoates (parabens) or to any of the excipients