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  • Karvol Inhalation Decongestant Caps 10's

Karvol Inhalation Decongestant Caps 10's

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Karvol decongestant capsules contain various volatile, aromatic substances that have been used traditionally for many years as inhalations for their decongestant effect. The capsules are not taken by mouth; you snip the end off the capsule and squeeze the contents into hot water or onto a hankie and then inhale the vapour. The ingredients in Karvol decongestant capsules have mild decongestant properties and can relieve a blocked nose. They also have mild cooling effects that can soothe irritation in the lining of the nose.
How to use
Snip tip off capsule carefully, pointing top downwards and away from the face.
For Older Children and Adults:
Nigh time: Dab contents of one capsule on to bedding or handkerchief nearby but avoiding direct skin contact.
Daytime: Squeeze contents of one capsule on to a tissue or into a pint of hot water and inhale the vapour freely.
For Young Children:
Dab contents of one capsule on to a handkerchief tied down securely in the vicinity, but out of reach of the child.
There is no need to modify the administration of this preparation for use by the elderly.
Not recommended for children under 3 months of age. Avoid contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin. If symptoms persist consult your doctor. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children. Do not take internally. (Not to be swallowed)