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  • Microlife Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine
  • Microlife Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine
  • Microlife Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine

Microlife Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine

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This oscillometric blood pressure monitor is intended for measuring non-invasive blood pressure in people aged 12 years or older. It is clinically validated in patients with hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, atherosclerosis, end-stage renal disease, obesity and the elderly.
Comes with a medium size cuff (22-42cm).
How to use
1. Avoid activity, eating or smoking immediately before the
2. Sit down on a back-supported chair and relax for 5 minutes.
Keep the feet flat on the floor and do not cross your legs.
3. Always measure on the same arm (normally left). It is recommended that doctors perform double arm measurements on a patients first visit in order to determine which arm to measure in the future. The arm with the higher blood pressure should be measured.
4. Remove close-fitting garments from the upper arm. To avoid constriction, shirt sleeves should not be rolled up - they do not interfere with the cuff if they are laid flat.
5. Always ensure that the correct cuff size is used (marking on the cuff).
> Fit the cuff closely, but not too tight.
> Make sure that the cuff is positioned 1-2 cm above the elbow.
> The artery mark on the cuff (ca. 3 cm long bar) must lie over the artery which runs down the inner side of the arm.
> Support your arm so it is relaxed.
> Ensure that the cuff is at the same height as your heart.
6. Press the ON/OFF button 1 to start the measurement.
7. The cuff will now pump up automatically. Relax, do not move and do not tense your arm muscles until the measurement result is displayed. Breathe normally and do not talk.
8. When the correct pressure is reached, the pumping stops and the pressure falls gradually. If the required pressure was not reached, the device will automatically pump some more air into the cuff.
9. During the measurement, the pulse indicator AM flashes in the display.
10.The result, comprising the systolic 8 and the diastolic 9
blood pressure and the pulse rate AT is displayed.
11.When the device has finished measuring, remove the cuff.
12.Switch off the device. (The monitor does switch off automatically after approx. 1 min.).
Protect the device from:
- water and moisture
- extreme temperatures
- impact and dropping
- contamination and dust
- direct sunlight
- heat and cold