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  • Sensodyne Freshmint 40ml
  • Sensodyne Freshmint 40ml

Sensodyne Freshmint 40ml

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When used every day, Sensodyne® Fresh Mint toothpaste relieves sensitive teeth by building a protective barrier that blocks the sensitivity caused by hot, cold, sweet and other contact triggers and it keeps it from coming back. Sensodyne® Fresh Mint toothpaste has a mild mint flavor that has a great taste and keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean.
How to use
Keep out of reach of children. Brush twice daily and not more than three times. Minimise swallowing and spit out. Close cap after each use to protect contents from moisture.Do not use if the carton ends are op
Not for use by children 12 years and under unless on the advice of a dental professional or doctor. Sensitive teeth may indicate an underlying problem which needs prompt care by a dentist. If symptoms persist or worsen consult your dentist. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.