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  • Sonatec Mouthwash Alcohol Free 250ml

Sonatec Mouthwash Alcohol Free 250ml

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Sonatec mouthwash contains Cetylpyridinium Chloride and has antiseptic properties intended to reduce the microbial growth in the oral cavity, mild infections of the mouth and throat and associated bad breath, gingivitis and the control of plaque.
How to use
Steps to follow when using fluoride rinse: Use the right amount- Use the amount of rinse indicated on the label or as directed by your dentist. Swish like you mean it- Keep your mouth closed and swish the rinse vigorously as directed on the label. Spit- Do not swallow mouth rinse. The fluoride in most fluoride rinses can be toxic if you swallow large enough amounts. If you allow your child to use mouthwash, supervise to be sure that he or she spits it out and doesn't swallow it. Wait- To get the most benefit from a fluoride mouthwash, avoid eating, drinking, or smoking for at least 30 minutes so you don't wash away the fluoride. Gargle and spit at least 10mls two to three times daily or as required by the physician.
Do not swallow.