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  • USN Winner's Sports Ener-G Naartje Flavour 500g

USN Winner's Sports Ener-G Naartje Flavour 500g

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USN Sports Ener-G Energy Hydration Drink 500 g quickly replaces lost electrolytes, energy and phosphates during physical exercise. Also helps improve recovery and reduces muscle cramping and soreness.
How to use
Mix 2 heaped teaspoons (18 g) with 250 ml cold water. Have 1-2 servings every hour during training and events longer than 60 minutes. Can also be used as a recovery drink, taking 1-2 servings within 30 minutes after an event/training session, and another 1-2 servings over the 2 hours to follow.
Consult your doctor prior to use, especially if you have a medical condition. Not recommended for pregnant/lactating women or individuals under the age of 18.